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  • Qebhet; celestial serpent; daughter of Anubis; granddaughter of Nephthys and Osiris; benevolent funerary goddess who purifies the body and brings cool water and comfort to the dead awaiting their judgement
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⚱︎ Bio [19 Jun 2030|05:31pm]
Qebehet, the daughter of Anubis, goes forth to meet Pepi, with four nemset vases. She refreshes the breast of the Great God on the day of his watch, and she refreshes the breast of Pepi with life. She washes Pepi, she censes Pepi. )

⚱︎ 011 | Text to Hecate [17 Apr 2021|02:05pm]
[Qebhet's chest constricts, as she reads Melpomene's words.

Ares has found Telos. And, unwritten, all but implied: Ares has found Kaden.

Ares, god of violence, whose face she doesn't know but whose ruthlessness she's seen written in Ronan's scars and in the gory reports of Connor's murder—

There's been no update from Hecate, not since her usual dawn missive. She might not have had time, if she's been busy tending to an injured boy, or... or a body.

The next dawn is still hours away, and the dread is a cold, leaden weight between Qebhet's lungs.]

Today 12:32 AM
I heard Ares found Telos. Hecate, are you there? Do you know what happened?

⚱︎ 010 [10 Feb 2021|12:48pm]
[The next time Much works at Diogenes, a couple of small packages are waiting for him to pass onto Marian. One contains Hecate’s promised tisanes. The other holds an undyed linen amulet bag with a long cord, such that it can be worn around a person’s neck. Inside the bag is a scarab of orange-red carnelian, the perfect size and shape to fit in the hollow of one’s palm. Qebhet designed it, Seshat engraved it, and both goddesses placed their blessings upon it. The hieroglyphs on the underside will be unintelligible to Marian, but if she does hold the amulet in her hand, the meaning – Will Scarlet’s words, Much’s intention – will pulse through her like sunlight. You are our Marian, our heart, it says. You are clever, brave and true. You do not walk alone.

Accompanying it is a handwritten note.]

This is a scarab; it is an amulet for protection and renewal and rejuvenation. I hope it will help you to heal. Your friends provided the words: translated, they read, Marian of Sherwood, clever, brave and true.

Marian, I know we barely know each other, but I have seen you risk your life to stop a monster’s rampage, and I see your friends’ words to be the truth. If you ever need healing, or simply some company, I will offer either gladly.


⚱︎ 009 [14 Jan 2021|05:52pm]
[Merry Men]

I know I am a stranger to you, and I have only met Marian the once, but she helped me and the mortals of my neighbourhood, and I owe her a debt of gratitude for that. Hecate tells me she has been kidnapped by your enemy, and though I am not a tracker or a diviner, I am something of a healer. I sorely hope she does not need the kind of help I can offer, but I offer it all the same.

⚱︎ 008 [29 Dec 2020|09:27pm]
Oooh, this cold is enough to make me want to fly south for the winter! All the decades I've lived in this city, and these frozen winters still don't sit well with me.

Fortunately, my newest housemate likes the thermostat up high, too. His name is Amenti, isn't he beautiful?

... )

⚱︎ 007 [10 Oct 2020|11:17am]
Yesterday was long and exhausting (a fight broke out between relatives at a funeral – unfortunately more common than you might think – it escalated into a brawl and the police had to be called), but today is Saturday and the sun is streaming warm through my windows and on waking I was greeted by this face )

The small things, they make all the difference.

⚱︎ 006 [02 Oct 2020|09:10pm]
I had the task this week of preparing a retired mortician for burial. Quite a charming gentleman, too, and when we came to talking it turned out we had more than a few industry acquaintances in common, though I suspect he only thought I was humouring him. He spoke a lot about how he'd known my "grandfather" in the fifties – little knowing, of course, that he was referring to my father! It was sweet, though. The way he lit up when he was remembering those days. He was so excited to tell me what he remembered of my "grandfather" and the Harlem of his younger years.

Of course, if he had been cognisant of my age, he may not have been quite such a... ah... backseat funeral director? I suppose it must be difficult having to stand back as a stranger embalms your mortal remains, when you yourself are so familiar with the process and have your own favoured techniques. Still, I am not used to such... forthright commentary while I'm working and I admit I found it trying. After that, he was emboldened to carry out his own inspection of the staff and facilities and I found myself bombarded with several very detailed lists of areas for improvement, right up until he left for his own interment this morning.

I think he was enjoying himself, though. Reliving the glory days. And he recommended an excellent Moroccan takeaway.

[Hecate, Merlin and Anubis]

I've been researching forms of defence against Christian demons, if indeed that is what we're facing. Most involve the typical Christian sacramentals, holy water, blessed oil, crucifixes and other such iconography, but I... I wondered if perhaps my water might not be of some use, too? It is, of course, a "heathen" thing... and perhaps it was only luck and a sharp edge that allowed me to break its skin, but... the ceramic shard that cut the beast had been soaked in my sacred water.

⚱︎ 005 [14 Sep 2020|11:55am]
[Qebhet hasn’t forgotten her debt to Hecate. A mere ‘thank you’ doesn’t begin to cover it. When she’s finally able to leave her apartment again, one of the first things she does is prepare a small package, which arrives at the goddess’s home with a handwritten note attached.]

During his battle with the Lord of Confusion, Great Horus’ left eye, which is the moon, was ripped from his head and torn to pieces. Thoth the Wise gathered the fragments, made them whole and restored all to balance.

You helped me recover the pieces of myself when I was all but lost. I am deeply grateful and I will not forget.


[Inside the package is a small box, carefully padded with cushioning tissue. It contains a wedjat eye amulet, barely two inches in length, finely carved from lapis lazuli. It’s old and potent, a tiny piece of Qebhet’s homeland, emanating a subtle sense of protection and regeneration.]

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